Update: Findings on ‘Snatched’ Allegation Surrounding Pastor Adeeyo, Tina Bright, Others

Following the controversy surrounding the allegations on the General Overseer of the World Bank Assembly, Pastor Adeeyo who married the wife of his church member, Tina Bright last weekend, an investigative team did thorough research and found out the below;

  1. Bright Ben was married to Tina Bright, both traditionally and church wedding. And they have had three children together, one (1) is no more, but two (2) are alive (a male and a female)
  2. The marriage has been so turbulent as Bright was alleged not to be living up to expectations and was alleged to be maltreating his wife.
  3. Early 2020 Bright joined Word Bank Assembly, Port Harcourt and informed Pastor Adeeyo about his marital problems asking for counselling and intervention. Though his wife was away then.
  4. As at the time Bright joined the church, Pastor Adeeyo was still with his legal wife, Mrs Mercy Adeeyo and their marriage was already thirty (30) years (in this 2021 it will be 31 years). They have four (4) grown-up children together (two male and two female). Three (3) are married with children, while the last born is in a serious relationship. Meaning, Pastor Moses Adeeyo is a grandfather. His first son was the Resident Pastor of the Church while the father, the Senior Pastor.
  5. Mrs Mercy Adeeyo started with Pastor Adeeyo when he had almost nothing and they built the church together till they had a breakthrough. She (Mrs Mercy) was actively involved in the Church as at when Bright joined the church.
  6. When Bright”s wife, Mrs Tina, returned for reconciliation with him. Bright took her to his pastor and they met the pastor and his wife, Mrs Mercy Adeeyo for counselling. About three (3) months after, Mrs Tina was appointed assistant choir mistress.
  7. Among the members and choir members, there were allegations of adultery between the Senior Pastor, (Moses Adeeyo) and Mrs Tina Bright even while both were still living with their respective spouses.
  8. The marriage of Pastor Adeeyo was engulfed in problems and the pastor said he was no longer interested in the marriage, hence he instituted a divorce suit in a court of competent jurisdiction. Though the case is still ongoing, (it has not been decided till now).
  9. About seven (7) months ago (early this year, 2021) Mrs Tina again separated from her husband to a destination unknown to her husband, though no divorce case was instituted between them.
  10. Mrs Tina who had been away from her husband for about seven months suddenly surfaced and there were allegations that signs of the early stage of pregnancy were noticed on her.
  11. On Sunday, August 8, 2021, Pastor Adeeyo hurriedly had a marriage ceremony with her (Mrs Tina Bright). Even the children of the pastor, as well as Bright, only got to hear of the wedding when the pictures surfaced on social media.
  12. Then Bright raised alarm through his Facebook that his pastor married his wife and the issue went viral.
  13. The children of Pastor Moses Adeeyo are not happy at all about the development. And as expected his legal wife, Mrs Mercy Adeeyo has been so demoralised since she heard of the scenario. Thus, she has informed her lawyer to intimate the court of the development and take appropriate legal actions.

Source: Arise News247

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