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Creative Arts President Slams Artist Who Uses Naked Women In Music Videos

Mark Okraku Mantey, president of the Creative Arts Industry and entertainment critic, has slammed artists in their music videos for always use half-naked women.

He can’t understand why, according to Mark, the males are fully covered in most music videos while the women are practically naked.

He said such an act is not correct to add that artists in their videos must depict Ghana’s culture and stop displaying explicit material.

Mark Okraku Mantey further stated that there should be a system to check such things and how the youth also consume explicit content.

“Most of our videos, you will see the woman half-naked and the man fully dressed. It sends a signal that the men are covering themselves and making the women be girls, and it’s not cool.

Sarkodie’s Lucky Video, for example, Sarkodie was full dressed-all white but the ladies in Bikini exposing their parts, why?.

We must build our culture. We need to have a system that checks how young people consume sexual content”, Mark Okraku noted.

It is very common to see naked or half-clothed girls in music videos in recent times and musicians claim that such scenes make the video attractive and pleasing to watch.

Some musicians also claim that “sex sells” and having naked girls in their music videos also portrays the beauty of women.

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