The Abia State Judicial Panel of Inquiry heard the case of a woman Dr Mrs Anulika Kalu Nta who had a miscarriage following harassment by the police.

The incident which happened on the 6th of October left the family who has been expecting the gift of a child grief-stricken.

According to Anulika, some police officers came to her residence at Aguiyi Ironsi layout in Umuahia looking for her husband who was not around and took her to the Central Police Station in Umuahia on the guise of answering some questions.

When she got there, she was told to write a statement, she narrated that she had no idea what to write since she wasn’t the one petitioned. They forcefully pushed her into a cell.

The next day, she was put in an Abia Line vehicle which took her to Lagos State where she found out that her brother in law was the one who petitioned her husband.

Anulika said her brother in law told the police officers that he wanted the husband whether dead or alive.

As she narrated, she started bleeding and was given a sanitary pad and could only see a doctor after her bail of N250,000 has been perfected. A medical examiner confirmed that she was pregnant but referred her for a scan which showed that she has had a miscarriage.

She petitioned that she wants the police to pay a sum of N20 million as compensation for the miscarriage and trauma.

However, the police respondent argued that the case didn’t happen in Abia State and should not be tagged to the Abia State Police Command. The case was, however, adjourned till Friday, 13th November, 2020.

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