A 44-year-old man has been found lying on the ground by a passerby who was out exercising on Saturday morning at an undisclosed location.

The passerby had to locate his family through the Curriculum vitae found in his pocket.

The wife was located and brought to the place before an ambulance was called.

Read the whole story below as told by Rosereeta on Twitter;

A Horrible Encounter this Morning..

I went out for road walk as early as 5.30am so I would be able to meet up for confession(I am a Catholic). I was sweating well and enjoying the gospel music from my phone. It was then 6.30am and I had done my first phase, I was about to cross over to the other side of the road when I sighted a man lying helplessly on the bare ground.
I went closer to him, he was lying down on his stomach so I couldn’t see his face clearly or know what was wrong. Maybe he was drunk, I thought because he didn’t look like a beggar or a homeless man. He was neatly dressed.

It was already bright and vehicles were just passed by. I was puzzled and didnt know what to do or if i should just ignore him. I was kinda scared of what may happen if I showed more concern. Two Keke drivers stopped by and asked what happened. I told them I was also unaware. The first guy claimed he was drunk & fell down or was sleeping while the other man disagreed and came down from his Keke. The first guy took off and it was just me & the Yoruba(Muslim) Keke driver.

I turned him on his back, stretched his body and tilted his head back to check his pulse on his neck and also on his wrists. He wasn’t sleeping because I felt no pulse anywhere. Fear gripped my body. I told the Keke man that he wasn’t breathing and could be dead. It was a busy road and people just looked and went away except few who came closer when I called for help. I checked his pockets for his wallet or phone to call any of his family member.

There was no phone with him & no money or ATM card in his wallet except for his Curriculum vitae(CV) and his National ID card. The Keke man presumed he was attacked by thieves or a hit and run vehicle. I looked at the address on his CV and saw that his house was closeby and he was married, so I and the Keke man went to the house address on the Cv. We got there and knocked on several doors because it was an apartment and we didn’t know which one was his own.

Then a neighbour came out and we asked if it was Mr Xoxo’s house and she confirmed it. She told us the wife was upstairs and the man had left some minutes ago. We then told her what happened and she ran inside to tell her husband. I went to Mr Xoxo’s door and knocked severally but there was no response, I called out and shouted, yet no response. Fear came over me again, the door of the house was open and I didn’t want to enter without being permitted.

I saw different sizes of children’s slippers scattered in the sitting room. This man was a husband and a father. Knowing he was dead(even though I doubted it),I didn’t know how to approach his wife or spill the horrible news to her. I’m very emotional and hardly bear such things but I forced myself to be strong. I went back downstairs and told the neighbour that there was no response. So she went inside her house and called out the name of Mr Xoxo’s wife.

The wife rushed down looking startled and afraid as she saw me holding out her husband Cv. I asked her the whereabouts of her husband and she said he ate his breakfast and left for work some minutes past 6. She then sensed that something was wrong and asked what happened to her husband. So the Keke guy held her and I told her what happened.

We didn’t tell her Mr Xoxo was dead already, we just said he was lying down unconsciously on the road. She screamed and called her sisters that lived on the next street. At that point I prayed for a miracle to happen for him to wake up or for a passerby to quickly rush him to the hospital before we got there. I could tell the Keke guy prayed also because he was counting his fingers. (I’ve seen Muslims who counted fingers in replacement of their holy beads).

When we got closer to where her husband laid, I saw him still on the floor from afar and nobody was around him or with him again. It was past 7am and people just passed by as if nothing happened. It was really Annoying and painful. Imagine if I had not stopped by, that’s how the man will be lying dead on the road or if the Keke man took off too like the others. I would be the only one running around for help.

When we got there, the wife screamed and confirmed it was her husband. She slapped me on my face and hit me hard, cried and held me. She just couldn’t believe it or hold herself. I withstood the pain from the Slap and the beating.

I didn’t blame her at all. This was her husband whom she gave breakfast some minutes ago & wished him farewell on his way to work. There he was… Lying dead on the floor. She fainted and I brought her back to her conscious state. Sympathizers gathered, Yet no one rushed him to the hospital.

I couldn’t do it as I was busy comforting his wife who wept uncontrollably & held me tight. Her sisters later came to meet us, one of them held me by my collar asking if I was the one that hit her brother-in-law, there was tears in her eyes & she was ready to deal with me at that point. I was shocked! I was just an innocent young old lady that witnessed the tragedy. Thank God for the Keke man & people around that separated us.

After explanation,She freed me & went to call an ambulance. I was weak & couldn’t hold my emotions any longer. I cried and ran straight to my Church to confess my sins & pray to God to strengthen Mr Xoxo’s wife & family & see them through. This could have happened to anyone, to my Dad or even ME!

It is very sad. He is a just 44 years old family man hustling to take care of his family

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