A young woman, Benita Okwuibe Dgreat Jerry, who is battling for her life has been accused of killing her 33-year-old husband, Onyedika Jeremiah Anyaegbunam who died after contracting elephantiasis barely one year after marriage.

Speaking on social media, Eze Zinny revealed that Benita, her mother and co-wife was shot at her husband’s burial on the 13th of January, 2022. While others died, Benita is currently battling with her life.

It was also gathered that Benita’s husband who hails from Anambra State died early December 2021 from the poison of elephantiasis.

Read Eze Zinny’s post;

“Men’s world against women’s world!😭 Who did we offend for being women? Why are women being treated like trash in our society?

justicefor Benita Okwuibe Dgreat Jerry !! She is a young diamond lady from Enugu State married in Anambra State, who’s marriage is very young (below 1 year) before the untimely death of her husband early December 2021 and they are yet to have a child! Her young husband of 33 years old suffered and died from the poison called elephantiasis as seen below👇 and his death was blamed on this innocent, decent and harmless young lady,😭😭😭😭 consequently, she was shot alongside with her mother and co-wife at her husband’s burial venue on Thursday 13/1/2022😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

Unfortunately, her mother and co-wife died while the young widow is still fighting for her life at the hospital😭😭😭😭 God where are you???😭😭😭😭. A poor old woman has to put in her life protecting her innocent child😭😭😭

Why are women being treated unjustly in our society?? What is our crime for being women???

We @ PDL seek for justice for our sister, justice for her mother and co-wife! The 2 Governors involved, Governor of Anambra State and Governor of Enugu State should please look into this matter. We also call on all Human right activists in this country to take up this case. All the appropriate authorities should please step into this matter for safety and protection of the young widow who is presently battling for her life.

Friends please share this post till it gets to appropriate authorities🙏”

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