YouTuber Chioma Okoye Laments Over Discrimination Against Single Women in Lagos State

YouTuber Chioma Okoye has complained about the discrimination against single ladies by landlords, especially in Lagos State.

She stated that the landlords always reject her application to rent their house immediately they find out she is single.

She disclosed that she is not a fraudster and called on the Lagos State Government to intervene in the matter as its disheartening to the ladies.

She wrote on her Instagram handle, “I really don’t understand the discrimination meted out on single women who are trying to acquire properties or rent a comfortable apartment for themselves especially in Lagos.

For weeks now, It has been one disappointment from one Landlord to another just because I am a single lady.

The first property with a swimming pool that was going to cost 9.5 million was something I genuinely wanted but I was turned down by the Landlord right after filling the form just because I’m a single woman.”

“I’m actually quite familiar with this experience as at 9 years ago with the last residence I rented at Abraham Adesanya. I had to lie to be one Mrs. Afulabi and I remember getting embarrassed when the agent approached me in public in front of my friends and greeted me as Mrs. Afulabi.

I am presently trying to relocate back to Lagos and dutifully run my businesses but renting a property has become problematic. ”

“I remember watching @ubifranklintriplemg ‘s Livestream with @medlinboss and she complained about this same issue. This attitude being dished out to single ladies is far from encouraging.

I suffered the same fate with the second house with a price of 5 million. And now the one that absolutely broke the camel’s back is the third duplex in which I filled the form a few days ago. I have attached the details of this form as proof. The Lawyer rejected me outrightly saying the Landlord does not want to have a single woman as a tenant. Please can anyone tell me who I offended to be awarded this kind of treatment?”

“At this juncture, I am calling on the Lagos State Government @lagosstategovt to do something about this. I am not a fraudster, neither am I a terrorist or someone that poses any form of threat. I work hard for my money and all I require as a citizen of this country is a comfortable place to stay that I can afford.”

“Also, If there’s any agent who has a duplex for rent with an estimate of 4-10 million and does not care about my marital status can please dm me. I am utterly drained and scared to reach out to any more agents because of fear of getting this same treatment.

Dear Landlords, you all can do better.


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