10 Signs Their Money is New or Suspicious – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri, the former spokesman to former President Goodluck Jonathan has disclosed how to know people who made new and suspicious money.

He stated that they can be spotted immediately they exhibit 10 signs he mentioned below.

He said that most of them always want to be respected more than the older relations that they have.

Read more below:” 10 signs their money is new and or suspicious:

1. They flaunt on social media
2. Everything is a competition
3. Flying First Class must be broadcast
4. They have crass, not class
5. They forbid simplicity
6. They respect only those who have more money than them
7. They find ways to unnecessarily drop the name of their latest acquisition in conversations
8. They have clarity on the things that they want but have no charity for the wants of others
9. They want to be respected more than older relations because they have more money than them
10. They often ask the question-Do you know who I am?

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