Heartbreaking! Lady Killed by a Truck Laid to Rest

Bride to be, Immaculate Okochu, who was hit by truck while going to work has been laid to rest in Lagos State.

This was revealed by her fiance Loveday in his Instagram recounting the love that they shared and the pain he feels.

Recall that Immaculate died on her way to work at Coldstone Creamery where she worked. It was revealed that she was on a motorcycle because she was running late and was hit by a truck which led to her death.

Her fiance accused Coldstone Creamery of killing her as they never gave their workers a breathing space but worked them till they either resign or get sacked.

Loveday wrote, “Today I laid her to rest, today is the most darkest day of my life, today I watched you being covered, you couldn’t wake up. Today is the most painful day of my life. They said I can’t do anything to bring you back. Very sad word to say. As I told you I can’t handle another pain. You know how much I always avoid pains. I don’t know how to move on, How can I accept the fact that I can’t see you any more. Who will call me Etomi. No one understand the pains I am going through. They said it will be okay, I know it will NEVER be okay without you. You were loved by all yet you left us. I don’t know how I will overcome this pains. You couldn’t wait for our wedding, I still bought the same wedding gown you wanted I wish you wear it and dance with me instead you wear it to your grave. I still bought you the crown you deserve. I still say I Love You,But now there’s no reply.I always feel your presence AS if you never left my side.I remember your comforting voice.Now there’s not a sound.Only echoes from the past follow me around.You are always by my side,But I can’t hold your hand.The reason why your God took you I find hard to understand. Dark nights just linger on.Dreams turn into nightmares. Somewhere in my dreams tonight I will see you standing there You look at me with a smile Life isn’t always fair. Thank you everyone for your messages and calls.special thanks to Kenny, abass, Kevin, Wunmi, faith, Lucy, Delphine and many of you that stood by me this moment.i will try to be strong even though I don’t know how. 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭😭😭”

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