An auto mechanic identified as Emeka Obasi Kama has narrated how his friends, Uchechi Agwu Kalu and Ndubuisi got missing after their encounter with some police officers from the Anti-Kidnapping Squad in Aba.

Emeka made this known to the Abia State Judicial Panel of Inquiry on Wednesday stating that police officers identified as Edet and Yellow at Azuka police station at Ogbor Hill Aba, are responsible for their disappearance on the 11th August 2020.

He stated in detail;

I went to Uchechi’s house on the 11th of August, 2020, and I saw two people Ifunanya and Ndubuisi and I joined them inside the house.

Some policemen came into the house as we were inside and they started beating all of us.

As we were being beaten, Uchechi shouted ‘Edet, I didn’t do anything to you but healed you of a deadly skin disease(atuere).

As Uchechi was shouting, they took I, Ifunanya and Ndubuisi but Uchechi, Edit and two other officers were left in the room.

I don’t know what Ndubuisi did and he was shot as we were lying down outside.

When Ndubuisi was shot, the policemen inside the room came out. They asked why Ndubuisi was shot.

As they were asking, Edet advised the policemen to take Ndubuisi to the hospital. One of the policemen responded that if they carry Ndubuisi out and anything happens to him, all of them will be shot dead.

They carried Ndubusi to their car(a small bus, a Keke and a power bike) and asked Uchechi to go and have his bath and drive off. As Uchechi went to the bath, I and Ifunanya were outside.

It didn’t take long, the policemen returned and we hid because of the beaten we received earlier.

They asked Uchechi of our whereabouts. Uchechi responded that he doesn’t know and they took Uchechi away.

As they Uchechi, one of the policemen poured fuel on the house and set it ablaze. As I came out from my hiding place, I saw Uchechi’s elder brother, they confirmed that the policemen were from the Anti-Kidnapping unit in Aba.

We went to the police station to see Uchechi but the following day, Uchechi’s brother told me to stay somewhere and not join him as the policemen were outside the police station.

I pointed out the police officers to Uchechi’s brother from my hiding place.

Since 11th of August, 2020, both Ndubuisi and Uchechi have not been seen.

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