The Coalition of Northern Groups has warned that Nigeria is drifting into a failed state under the regime of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd).

The CNG’s spokesman, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said apart from the comatose economy, the erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions and the inability to provide public services were all indicators of a failed state.

He added that among the toxic mix that contributes to justify Nigeria’s failure as a state were poverty, corruption, ineffective governance, crime, violence, forced displacement and sectarian and ethnic conflict which are all apparent.

The CNG’s Spokesperson, Abdul-Azeez stated these in an exclusive chat with The PUNCH in Kaduna.

He said, “But with all the symptoms of a failing state manifesting such as the loss of control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force therein, no Nigerian would be deceived into believing that so many things are not wrong.

“Other signs of failing as a nation manifested long ago in the form of erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions and inability to provide public services.

“The economy had been so endangered that we have had to slip into two major recessions in just five years which is unprecedented.

“Regardless of whether we choose to call it fragile, failed, or failing state, Nigeria is plagued by overwhelming problems with few solutions in sight.

“Moreover, the level of instability and dire straits of Nigeria today is spilling across national borders, destabilizing neighbouring countries and regions, while posing enormous challenges for international organizations and donors; which signifies failure.

Source: Punch

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