2023 Presidential Election: Obi Blasts Opposition, Rebuffs Ploys of Deceit

The Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi has rebuffed ploys of deceit implored by opposition parties to smear his name and that of his supporters.

A statement on Thursday revealed that such negative trolling and blaming of the Labour Party and its supporters will no longer be tolerated.

The former governor of Anambra State who has been in the news since he declared for the presidency stated that as the kick-off of the campaign draws closer, he will focus on the issue-based campaign for millions of Nigerians who desire credible leadership.

“As we approach the official kick-off of the #2023Election campaign, it has become evident that the opposition has adopted a negative strategy of trolling and insinuating fake news and misinformation in the social media space and blaming the Labour Party, its presidential candidate and their supporters of same. We remain resolute in our commitment to an issue-based and clean campaign.

We will also rebuff all such ploys of deceit and calumny meant to create disaffection among Nigeria’s voting population, who desire credible leadership change.”

Mr Obi has been attacked severally by opposition parties who stated that his lead on the presidency was only on social media and accused the Labour Party of having no structure.

But there have been many protests in support of his presidency. He has gone ahead to receive support from well-known Nigerians as well as others.

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