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Bizarre! Woman Kills Teenage Model Sister Over Jealousy

A 22-year old lady has been accused of killing her 17-year old model sister over jealousy. The sister, Elizaveta, murdered her sister Stefania Dubrovina, gouged her eyes out and hacked off her ears.
Stefania was stabbed 189 times in a frenzied attack in the Russian city St Petersburg by her sister Elizaveta, in an ‘envious’ drug-filled rage, and faces up to 25 years in jail if convicted.
Elizaveta was detained for the horrific killing in 2016 but was sent for compulsory psychiatric treatment.
She is now deemed fit to face trial which is due to start soon.

She strongly denies the murder charge and new reports say she will instead accuse the dead girl’s lover.
Alexey Fateev, now 44, in whose flat her sister died.
However, the prosecuting authorities say the man is a witness and not under any suspicion.
Elizaveta, aged 19 at the time of the killing, is charged with ‘murder with particular cruelty’.
Fateev has denied on Russian TV that he had anything to do with Stefania’s death.
He told how he found Stefania’s massacred naked body after returning from a shop where he bought wine.
He detained Elizaveta to stop her fleeing before handing her over to police, he said.

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