A 22-year-old lady, Julija Adlesic, has been sentenced to two years imprisonment for allegedly cutting off her hand deliberately to receive insurance claim in Slovenia.

It was gathered that Julija connoved with her boyfriend and severed her left hand above the wrist and then intentionally left it in their home in 2019 to receive the insurance for permanent damage.

Juilija signed contracts with five different insurance companies about a year ago and stood to collect more than €1 million, about half paid immediately and the rest in regular monthly instalments.

Her boyfriend was sentenced to three years in prison. It was discovered that the couple intentionally left the hand at home rather than take it with them to the hospital, hoping to receive three times higher compensation for permanent disability after what she claimed was an accident.

But authorities managed to pick up the hand in time, and doctors in a hospital in Ljubljana were able to reattach it.

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