Suspected Gay Man Chased Down in Abuja

Angry Muslim faithful unleashed anger on a suspected gay man in the Ushafa Bwari axis of Abuja on Friday.

Shouting “Allahu Akbar”, the Muskin faithful chased and threw pebbles at the middle-aged man as people scamper for safety.

Giving account, an eyewitness stated that trouble broke out between two passengers who boarded a commercial cab to the area. One of the passengers claimed she knew another passenger who joined them in the vehicle from the eastern part of Nigeria and accused him of running from Abia state due to his bisexual status.

The passenger, who claimed to be in the same cab with them said, “the two young men got into a heated argument due to a statement credited to the girlfriend of one of the passengers.

In his words; “I was in the front seat of the vehicle when the last passenger joined the cab, the lady who sat with one of the passengers behind whom I suppose should be the male passenger’s girlfriend started the trouble.

“Few minutes after he joined us in the cab, the lady called him by his name and he asked, please I don’t know you, have we met before?”

The lady replied, “are you not Ndukwe the guy that was evicted from our community  in Umuahia, Abia State for your bisexual crimes?”

“At that, the young man asked, “who are you and what are you insinuating?”.

The young lady replied and said: “Are you not Ndukwe the bisexual again? Do you think I won’t recognize you after you defiled our community? You were beaten, stripped naked and asked to leave the community.”

The accused (Ndukwe) got angry and asked her to keep quiet and that attracted the intervention of the lady’s boyfriend.

The eyewitness continued; “Immediately Ndukwe got to Ushafa Bwari, he asked the cab driver to stop for him to step out only for the boyfriend of the lady to come out of the vehicle too and slapped Ndukwe for yelling at his girlfriend and fight broke out.

“The lady came out of the car too and started screaming homosexual! please leave my man alone!

“At that, people around listened to their debate and some started picking stones and hailed it on the accused who ran as far as he could and jumped into a moving van that whisked him away as he sustained injuries from the stoning.”

A report by wasn’t clear if the suspect was the same Ndukwe Uchenna Ndukwe that has been reported in previous stories.

Recall that same-sex sexual activity has been termed taboo in Nigeria since the signing of the anti-gay law in 2014 by then-President Goodluck Jonathan.

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