Ataga: No Way Chidinma Can Tie a Full Grown Man – Blessing CEO

Controversial relationship expert, Blessing Okoro Nkiruka, popularly known as Blessing CEO has stated that Chidinma Ojukwu who allegedly killed Mr Ataga, the CEO of Super TV didn’t plan to kill him just as people think.

According to a post on Instagram by the marriage counsellor, the owner of ‘Make it or Break it’ relationship page said that there is more to the saga that is yet to be uncovered.

She disclosed that the possibility of Chidinma tying a full-grown man before killing him, just as she revealed recently during interrogation is slim and revealed that she suspects that Chidinma is covering up for someone else.

She wrote:

“I still maintain my stand that Chidimma did not plan to kill Mr ataga. She did not work alone, whoever wanted that man dead wanted to make sure it was an embarrassing Death. How can a gal tie a full-grown man, no help no struggle, where she sees the rope, Na lie? Now whatever they had smoked is suppose to make them high and when u are high u get more strength and morale, the highness was for more strength to have sex, right? Chidimma also took the drugs, why she come get power pass? If she wanted money from him, she could steal him atm while asleep, rob him while in the room, they are better and more strategic ways to collect money from him, even drive him to the atm or force him to make a huge transfer. The killing of that man was not for Chidimma, that man’s death was not for Chidimma it was for someone else’s pleasure, Chidimma was just the victim and object used because she is a nobody and it so easy to feed her to the dogs. Chidimma is covering someone and that someone she is covering is also covering someone prominent too…
This is not just a killing case this is a plot twist and well-planned job.
Anyway, a lot of Nigerians are so shallow they hate to even think or reason they just want to talk.
Keep talking they already know we don’t have sense .”

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